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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Roseville! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Roseville, CA. At our company, our staff and technicians are trained adequately to identify your wildlife problems accurately. We do not use any toxic formulations, even the pest chemicals that are approved by the pesticide organizations and Food and Drug Administration. Our people have expertise in employing the latest removal techniques, and we are armed with the revolutionary technological advancement built by the leading manufacturers. We are a registered company that is primarily engaged in the treatment and the removal of the common wildlife animals such as rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels, snake, which will prove to be disastrous to the properties and investments that we make. We can provide our solution to different public and private establishments, including but not limited to homes, warehouses, schools, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, and other structures. No other company can provide a comprehensive list of services that we do. We make the impossible possible. We give credit to our people who are willing to go beyond the scope of their duty and our partners in the industry who are ready to provide us with their constant support. We are also blessed to have some of the most amazing customers that stayed with us through thick and thin. Call us now at 916-603-5797 for your Roseville wildlife control needs.

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Roseville Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Best Ways to End a California Squirrel's Life in Your Yard

Squirrel can be a dangerous Roseville animal. The diseases that they may carry can be lethal to humans. They may appear adorable but this rodent can bring trouble to most homeowners. They are persistent diggers and they may destroy our vegetable garden. They can also chew the electric wires once they made it inside our house. They also have an outstanding reproduction habit. You need to find ways to control the population of the squirrel immediately.

Best Ways to Kill the Squirrels in Your Yard

Killing the California squirrel may not be recommended since in some areas, this is not permitted under the law. In addition, this will not end your infestation problem. The scent of their blood can only attract the attention of other wildlife creature. The decaying body of the dead squirrel will release an offensive odor that may irritate your respiratory tract. However, if you still want to use the lethal method, here are some ways to do it.


There are electric devices available that will give an instant death to the squirrel. This is not recommended to use in an outdoor environment since you can end up killing other animals. After zapping at least three squirrels, shut down the device and clean the plate of the trap. Ensuring that the device is clean will help you guarantee that it will work effectively. This can be a problem if you live in the windy areas since the dust can affect its efficacy. Some zappers will only require the use of batteries while there are others that need to be plugged. If you are using the zapper that uses batteries, replace the battery after about ten electrocutions.


If you have California pets and kids, using poisonous substance to deal with your squirrel infestation is not recommended. It is also not advisable to people who have problems in their respiratory system. The poisons will normally contain strong chemical compounds. Once you inhaled it, it will irritate your respiratory lining. There are pellets that appear like a candy that your pets and kids can accidentally ingest. After the squirrel ingested the poison, it will take days of suffering before they die.


Before you use a gun, be sure that it is allowed to use in your state. Even the California BB guns and pellet guns are considered illegal to use in some states especially on the residential communities. There is also a possibility that the bullet will ricochet and you may end up injuring other people. It would be difficult to target the vital points of the squirrels when their movements are not restrained. They are agile creatures and will flee immediately. They can also suffer a long and painful death if you failed to shoot them at the critical points.

Remember that killing the Roseville squirrel can be illegal in your location. You can be punished for killing them especially if they are in the Federal list. If you capture a squirrel that has been infesting your house, never considered the lethal method especially if there are humane methods available.